Tips to Shorten the Home Buying Process

The home buying process is just that. A process. It requires time, patience, knowledge of the steps involved and most importantly, having the best professionals to partner with!

If you are a home buyer with time constraints though, you might be wondering how you could speed up the process.

You’re in luck, as this article will cover tips for home buyers on how to shorten the process and make it more efficient.

Line Up With An Experienced Agent

It goes without saying that regardless of the situation, finding an experienced real estate agent should be at the top of the list. The agent should have a good amount of industry knowledge but in this particular situation, they must also know the buyer’s choice of location well.

Choosing an agent who is not familiar with the areas that the buyer is interested in, may delay the process. They will have to take the time to do their research first before advising the buyer.

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Get The Must-Have List In Order

When buyers desire a quick home buying process, they need to get a full grasp on what exactly they want and don’t want in a home right in the very beginning.

When buyers have ample time, they have the luxury of making leisurely decisions on home features but with smaller time frames that option is not generally available.

Having a clear understanding of the must-have features will make the house hunting process quicker.


Starting the house hunting process without being pre-approved for a mortgage is one of ten common home buyer mistakes.

A buyer who can show they are pre-approved for a mortgage, is always a plus to a seller. It also shows the seller that a bank or mortgage company has ran a good series of credit and financial checks to ensure the buyer can afford the home.

In the end it gives the buyer an edge over the competition and can speed up the mortgage process a bit.

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Look for Motivated Sellers

One great tactic for finding a home quickly, is looking into a market where the houses and sellers are plentiful. This often means that sellers will be more motivated, making it a benefit to buyers.

Sellers whose homes are lingering on the market could be more eager. They will often be more flexible with price and timing than other sellers. Real estate professionals will be able to guide buyers to these types of areas as well as give recommendations on offers and negotiations.

Be Creative In The Offer

When buyers are running short on time to purchase a home, negotiations should be limited. To prevent this, the offer should be very reasonable right off the bat. Agents can help buyers submit a strong offer both in the dollar amount and utilizing different strategies geared toward enticing the seller to accept the offer quickly.

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Free Your Schedule

A buyer’s schedule should be as flexible as possible to communicate quickly with involved parties. Last minute negotiations or questions may occur during the offer and contract process, so being available to answer these promptly is important for optimal timing.

Final Thoughts

While you can’t eliminate parts of the home buying process, there are things you can do to shorten how long it could take.

Don’t rush your way through things, rather get prepared and follow the advice of your Realtor.

Happy home buying!



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