A Guide to the Mainstreet Subdivision in Richmond Hill, GA

Whether you’re looking for a quiet, family-oriented community like Richmond Hill or the sophistication and flair of big city life like Savannah, there are countless reasons why people choose to call the beautiful state of Georgia home!

Before you can decide which area you want to live in, you need to know everything you can about the different cities and neighborhoods you have to choose from in Georgia. This post will serve as your guide to living in the Mainstreet Subdivision in Richmond Hill.


Located in the heart of Richmond Hill, the Main Street real estate property selection is perfect for any family who wants to relocate to a charming and quiet family-oriented residential setting but situated right in the major artery of Richmond Hill’s bustling city operation.

The Mainstreet subdivision offers a great collection of resale and freshly constructed housing units ranging from single family homes to spacious bungalows on its 263 acres of land. There’s also a cottage community which is called “Summer Hill at Mainstreet”, offering elegant houses with spacious lawns and car garages which are available in different sizes, from 1,552 square-feet to over 1,900 square-feet. These cottages give an ambiance of old-fashioned residential compounds that adds up to the magnetic allure of Mainstreet real estate.

Everything is within reach for the residents of Mainstreet, as it is just a couple of blocks away from schools, places of worships, recreational establishments, playgrounds and parks. Richmond Hill’s impeccable schools district, an expanding commercial hub and quick access routes to the big metro of Savannah, makes this subdivision one of the choice spots to relocate your family. This community is also just a quick drive away from the shopping and dining shops and the huge number of facilities that feature sports and other physical activities that Fort Stewart has to offer.

Within the gates of this residential area are facilities that all residents can enjoy. The pool facility is at the center of it all, consisting of a main adult swimming area, a smaller kiddie wading pool and a specialized pool which features a spray umbrella. Then there’s 2 community playgrounds located at both ends of the estate. There’s a park with a serenity fountain which is a perfect spot for family picnics and other outdoor activities.

So what makes the Mainstreet subdivision different from the other private residential areas in Richmond Hill? It’s the residents, the homeowners association, and the people within it. They stay loyal to the concept of family comes first, treating every homeowner and resident as part of a big family. Are you ready to be part of the Mainstreet family?

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