10 Tips for a Stress-Free Summer Move

The summer months are full of household moves! If just the thought of moving sends your stress levels through the roof, look no further.

Here are 10 great tips to help minimize the stress of your summer move!

Plan In Advance

Schedule a move as much in advance as you can. This gives you time to get estimates from multiple movers. Having ample time also gives you the opportunity of getting the best price and the better quality movers. Last minute requests can result in added stress and increased prices.

Pick The Right Date

Avoid moving the first and last week of the summer months (Memorial Day – Labor Day). This time of year is by far the busiest to move for households. Leases and mortgages often take place during the first and last week of the month, making it  prime time. If you schedule your move mid-month, you will have a better chance of finding an opening for your big day.

Price Doesn’t Always Equal Quality

While finding the cheapest price may seem attractive, if hiring a professional mover, think beyond the scope of cost. Things like reputation, in-home estimates, binding guarantee pricing, trained movers and criminal background checks are all very important.

Research Movers

Larger van-lines often are a better route to go when moving because they have larger haul capacities during the busy summer months. Remember you are moving your most important possessions so hiring a professional should involve research.

Electronics Prep

With all the rushing and packing of your household items, things like electronic hook-ups can easily be forgotten. Some items have numerous cords and wires that can lead to frustration when re-assembling. Taking a photo with your phone or camera of each device can save a lot of time at your new home.

Keep Track Of The Small Things

When moving, many things are taken apart with loose pieces floating around. Screws, nuts, bolts, and brackets are all things that can easily be lost in the shuffle. This leads to frustration when unpacking and assembling in the new home. Buy a box of Ziploc bags and as you disassemble things, label a bag with that item. Place all the small pieces in the coordinating bags. All the part bags can then go inside a master parts box for easy access during unpacking!

Deduct It!

Let’s face it, whether you move yourself or hire a professional, moving is expensive. Many moving expenses can be deducted on your taxes! If your move is within one year of your first day on the job, your new home is at least 50 miles further than your past home, and you have worked at least 39 weeks at your new position during the first year, you may qualify for deducting moving expenses. Visit the IRS website or speak to your accountant for more info!

Remember the Children and Pets

Summer moves are very attractive to families because children are on summer break. While it is a benefit that children will not have to miss school, they will also be around the house while parents are packing their belongings. The same goes for your pets! They feel the stress of moving day as well! Having a friend, relative or babysitting service care for your children and/or pets during the move is a good way to keep the day running smooth! Read more tips for moving with children, by Barbara Bottitta of The Lehigh Valley Home Experts.

Be Aware of What You Pack

Summer months, especially in Savannah can lead to excessive heat. Be conscious of this as you pack your belongings. Things like candles, aerosol cans, cleaning products, cd’s, tapes, photos, and paint are all items that can be damaged if sitting in a hot moving truck for an extended amount of time. Make arrangements to have these items transported with you or properly dispose of them.

Down Time

Schedule in some down time at your new home. Moving is one of the most stressful events a person will ever go through. If possible, try to schedule at least a few days of down time before you get back to normal routines. Unpacking, organizing and getting acclimated to your new home will take time.

Moving to a new home is an exciting time! Keeping these tips in mind as you begin your preparation will help minimize stress and maximize the enjoyment of the journey to your new home!

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