Easy Home Improvement Updates For Sellers On A Budget

As a seller, there are many costs associated with selling a home. Trying to keep your costs down on home improvements while keeping the buyer’s appeal high can be challenging but not impossible.

Here are some common home improvements and how sellers can accomplish them more affordably!

In the Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms of a house to a buyer and it can also be one of the most expensive rooms to upgrade. Here are a few ideas to try with a more friendly price!

Updating Kitchen Appliances – Purchasing all new appliances for a kitchen to appeal to buyers is an easy way to spend a large chunk of your budget. If all of your appliances work great but could use an exterior makeover, try painting them. There are even some manufacturers who sell stainless steel paint!

Installing New Kitchen Cabinets – Instead of buying a whole new set of kitchen cabinets, try re-staining or re-painting (check out these smart painting tips!) the current ones. Gray has become a popular color and is perfect for a nice neutral color scheme. If you are feeling brave, try two-toned cabinets. This is where you paint the upper cabinets one color and the lower cabinets another!

Another affordable option is simply installing crown molding on the cabinets and adding new hardware. Those two combined give an instant facelift to any kitchen!

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In the Living Room

This is the area of a home that is used a lot. Buyers want them to be spacious with nice layouts that make entertaining easy. If your living room is small, you’re going to want to make it feel more spacious with these tips!

Changing the Floor Plan – Knocking down walls and changing floor plans is not easy or inexpensive. With room layout, it is all about what is convenient and makes sense. Home staging is a great way to help with floor plans.

Try moving furniture around or in some cases removing furniture to give the room a more open feel. When a buyer walks into the room, they should be able to maneuver around furniture easily. Living rooms do not need to have a lot of furniture, keep it simple but tasteful!

Installing a Fireplace – Fireplaces are warm and inviting, but not always easy on the wallet. Their are many faux fireplaces that would give a beautiful look to a living room! Bonus, they are easier to maintain! Tip: Give the faux fireplace a custom look by adding crown molding.

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In the Bathroom

Like the kitchen, the bathroom is very important to buyers and one they look to first. Things should look clean and shiny.

Installing New Tile – Try simply installing an accent row of decorative tiles to your shower rather than replacing all the tile. Give your current tile a good cleaning and new caulk or grout as well! That last tip alone can change the appearance of a shower quite dramatically.

Installing A New Sink and Countertop – While you may be able find affordable options in sinks and countertops, sometimes all a bathroom needs are new faucets, hardware and a lighting fixture. As mentioned above, there are many options for new hardware today and just about any style can be found.

Adding a unique lighting fixture can also really change the mood of the room. Tip: When purchasing new appliances or fixtures for the home try finding energy efficient models to help save in the long run! Energy efficient home improvements (Michael Roberts Construction) are also appealing to home buyers.

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Exterior of The Home

Sellers have all heard the importance of curb appeal, but what if the budget is slim? When working with little money its all about working with what you have rather than purchasing new. There are many alternatives to expensive curb appeal that can easily make a home’s exterior standout and appeal to buyers.

New Front Door – Unless the door is damaged, there is no need to purchase a new one, just give it a new coat of paint. Front doors with a pop of color are very popular right now. Whether you would like to try a bright red or a neutral gray, with front doors you have many options and all can make a home look fantastic from the street! Tip: Try repainting the handles with a paint made for metallic surfaces and appearances.

New Landscaping – Instead of purchasing all new flowers, shrubs, and trees, try just trimming the current plant life to a more healthy state and adding new mulch. Though mulch isn’t colorful it gives a more uniform and polished look to a landscaping design.

Another idea is to transplant current plant life to different areas in the yard. A bush that looks out of place in the front yard, may look perfect next to the patio in the backyard. Tip: Ask around. Neighbors or family friends may be looking to pull out bushes or flowers in their yard that may work well in yours!

Final Thoughts

It doesn’t matter how big or small your home sale preparation budget is, there are many options for improving the look of your home for buyers. A small budget can go a very long way!

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