Smart Tips For Home Painting Success

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Tips for Home Painting

Paint is a relatively easy and affordable way to freshen up a home. Before diving right in with your paint and brushes, read up on these helpful tips to ensure your paint job is a success!

A fresh coat of paint can change the look of any home. Take a look at the paint on the exterior of your home. Signs of chipping, fading and overall drab color may be signs its time for a new coat of paint. Exterior paint is a great way to boost curb appeal when selling your home.

The paint inside your home may need to be updated to better reflect the size and style of your rooms which is important for home buyers. It is all about staging and preparing your home so that its best features stand out!

Choosing a Color

When choosing an interior color many people like to start out by picking a shade based on an accessory such as a rug or artwork that inspires them. Things like lighting, and room size are other factors that will affect what colors will look best in a room. People generally think lighter colors will make smaller rooms larger but deep colors or high-gloss colors can also flatter smaller areas.

Many paint manufacturers have very helpful color tools on their website that aid customers in finding the perfect shade! For the exterior also keep in mind you may need to coordinate your trim, shutters and door colors to match the main color you choose. Look for color families matched for just this reason!

Choosing a Finish

Egg shell, flat, satin, and high-gloss are all common paint finishes. When determining a paint finish for your home, ask yourself a few key questions. Is it a high-traffic area? Is it for the interior or exterior of a home? Will it hide imperfections? Answering these questions will help you in figuring out which paint is right for your project. Egg-shell is a finish that works well for kitchens and bathrooms. It is washable and holds up quite well. Flat finishes are good for siding and exterior paints. If you are painting the outside of your home, most paint manufacturers have specific paints for the exterior.


For the exterior of the home, paint should be scraped and sanded off. If you are painting siding, paint doesn’t generally need to be removed. Always use a tarp in your painting jobs to catch any drips or paint chips. Both interior and exterior surfaces need to be cleaned from dirt and debris before painted. Fix any imperfections and nail pops. The goal is to have a clean and smooth surface for the paint to adhere to. Once the surface is prepared you can use painters tape to protect the surfaces you don’t want painted.

Brush Techniques

Paint rollers are used for your larger areas that are more flat. Paint brushes are used for the harder to reach, smaller areas such as around trim and corners. When using a roller, roll long lengths to reduce the look of paint imperfections. For exterior painting, paint back and forth strokes in the beginning until you have a good size area painted, then go back and smooth the paint over with the brush.

Other Helpful Tips

– Before choosing your paint color, take some samples home. Paint a small area. Give yourself a few days to decide if the color will work for the room. Be sure to look at it at different times of the day when the lighting has changed.

– Don’t overload your paintbrush with paint. Only about a third of the brush needs to have paint on it, lightly tap off the excess paint on the sides of the paint can.

– Try not to paint the exterior of your home in direct sunlight, rainy or or windy days.

– Paint small areas of your wall at a time and work quickly. This prevents lap marks.

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