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Do you have specific goals for your real estate career? Not sure? The goal setting process is extremely critical during the early stages of your real estate journey and it can also be the difference between success and failure! Don’t worry. We are here to help! Let’s talk about why you should join The Teresa Cowart Team!

It’s really hard to reach a goal without a plan. When you have a well-defined plan, motivation and implementation become easier. Together, we can reflect on what you want your future to look like while generating an actionable strategy to get there. The Teresa Cowart Team provides a proven mentoring and training program that aims to ensure that our new agents learn and prosper. Our high level training program is curated to maximize our team member’s fullest potential.  We provide our agents with all of the tools, education, and staff needed to be successful in the industry.

Why do I need to set goals as a real estate agent?

The real estate industry can be very competitive. All real estate agents must learn how to develop a strong professional foundation in order to optimize lead generation, communication, return clientele, etc. Without well-defined goals, it’s easy to lose track of the bigger picture. With experience, we have learned that it can be easy to be swayed from your desired outcome. You may even find yourself saying yes to the wrong things when you don't encompass a goal-oriented mindset. We are here to help you set objectives, maintain focus, and strive for your dreams! 

Use SMART goals

The Teresa Cowart Team firmly believes in the establishment of SMART goals! What are SMART goals?

Specific: Be specific about the exact goal(s) that you wish to reach. Being detailed is extremely important because vague objectives are almost impossible to achieve.

Measurable: Without a measurable outcome, it’s hard to tell if you’ve achieved a goal or not. So, make sure you can measure your efforts. 

Attainable: Establish achievable goals that align with the resources, time, and talent that you have!

Realistic: Make sure your missions stay within the realm of possibility. Let every task drive the questions, “Does this goal make sense for me and my business? What will achieving this goal really look like?”

Time-bound: Deadlines are great!  Set deadlines that will help you track your progress and keep you motivated to reach the finish line!

Ready, Set, Go!  

The culture at Teresa Cowart Team values a sense of family. Our agents and staff collaborate daily with one another while honing their skills for today's market. We find that making a difference in someone's life is what makes our team thrive. We hire by heart, so whether you are brand new or have years of experience, it's your heart that matters. If you’re ready to build a firm foundation and jumpstart your career, join a team that cares! Join The Teresa Cowart Team and expand the possibilities of your real estate career!