Selling your home? Don't miss these 5 key steps!

Considering putting your home on the market? Here are some helpful tips to make your home appeal to buyers:

1. Know your location. When people buy a home, they consider much more than just the home in the decision making process. The neighborhood, nearby restaurants and shopping, etc. are all important to potential buyers. Knowing the surrounding area of your home is essential when marketing your home. Potential buyers will want to know everything from which schools are zoned for the area to where the nearest walking trail is. Being a subject matter expert in the surrounding area will give you a huge advantage in the pitch for your home.

2. Condition. There is nothing worse to a buyer than falling in love with a home and then finding out there are repairs that need to be done.  Take care of all repairs, no matter how minor they are, prior to putting your home on the market. Even the smallest repair, such as a leaky faucet or a toilet that won’t stop running can lead a buyer to believe you have not been maintaining the home properly and they will start getting concerned about other potential or hidden repairs. First impressions are sometimes the only impression you get, so make it a good one and have your home in tip, top condition!

3. Curb Appeal. Speaking of first impressions, the outside of your home and the yard will be the first thing buyers will see. Make sure your yard is well-manicured. Mow the lawn, trim the bushes, edge the walkway. You should also pressure wash the driveway, walk way, patio, and even pressure wash the house if it needs it. Be very aware of your “drive-by” audience: buyers who drive by your home to scope it out before they decide if it goes on their “must see” list. You want them to at least slow down when they pass by your home.

4. Price.  Let’s face it,  you are too biased and probably don’t have the experience to set your selling price. That’s where a home appraisal will come in handy.  If you don’t get an appraisal, then you should most certainly ask your agent for a comparative market analysis so you can see what similar homes in the area have sold for over the past 12 months. Be reasonable when setting your price and keep in mind that today’s buyers are extremely smart when it comes to shopping. If you set your price too low, buyers will think something is wrong with your home and will not put an offer in. If you set your price too high, your home may not sell as quickly as you would like it to because buyers will shop around for a better price. Let your agent help you find the perfect asking price for your home.

5. Get an Agent. A little overwhelmed at the idea of selling your Richmond Hill, GA home? The Teresa Cowart Team can help! We are a team of 6 experienced agents with expertise in listing and selling homes in the Savannah and Richmond Hill, GA area. We have extensive knowledge of this community and are military relocation experts for the Ft. Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield areas. Contact us today at 912-480-9177 and let us help walk you through the process.

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