How To Sell A Fixer Upper

Not everyone has the advantage of marketing stainless steel appliances, high ceilings, and hardwood floors as part of their home sale. But just because your home needs a little TLC doesn’t mean it’s doomed to sit in seller’s limbo. Oftentimes, its actually the opposite. With the right attitude and marketing strategy, you can flip your flop of a property into a DIY buyer’s dream home. Here are some of the best ways to sell a fixer upper:


Be Realistic

There are a few things to consider when pricing your home. Its understandable that move-in ready properties are going to sell for more, but don’t consider that a disadvantage. After all, we are in the age of customization. With the popularization of home makeover shows and DIY trends, buyers are more likely to consider a cheaper home that needs a little touching up than a fully updated one. And, more often than not, new homeowners are going to make changes to their property anyways. Why not give them that opportunity in your home? Mention to them the home’s investment potential and future sale opportunities after renovation. Targeted at the right market, your listing is sure to get plenty of attention from a range of opportunistic buyers.

Be Transparent

When selling a fixer upper, its always important to disclose all of the property’s faults to potential buyers. Sellers who work with the Teresa Cowart Team have access to inspectors who will complete a thorough report before putting your property on the market. But for those marketing independently, honesty and transparency is recommended as, more often than not, buyers will conduct a home inspection on their own. We’ve found that people are fine buying a house that they know needs repair, but won’t do business with someone who they perceive as dishonest.

Be Positive

When buyers walk through a known fixer upper home, they’re looking less at its faults and more at what it has to offer. Highlighting your home’s existing open floor plan, spacious backyard, or large master suite (instead of dwelling on the outdated light fixtures, popcorn ceiling, and dirty carpet) will make buyers aware of the home’s potential.

Be Open

Welcome the fact that your home is going to grab the attention of investors or flippers. Depending on the extent of your home’s needed repair, you might not have much of a choice than to sell to a buyer looking to turn a profit.


Selling your home with the Teresa Cowart Team grants you access to local contractors ready to make cosmetic changes (if any) at a discounted price. Together, we can evaluate your home’s value, draft a marketing strategy, and prevent you from slipping into seller’s limbo. Call Teresa Cowart with Remax Accent at 912-756-5888 or 912-667-1881 for more information.