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Resale value: Should It Be Important To Home Buyers?

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Home buyers will have a variety of wants and needs as they begin their house hunting journey. What about resale value? Should that be something a buyer should consider? This article will discuss whether resale value should be important and different features that affect it. What type of home buyer would benefit from purchasing a…

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Home Mortgage and Refinance Scams to Watch Out For

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With interest rates being as low as they are, applying for a mortgage or refinancing are attractive options for many. Unfortunately, there many scams geared towards homeowners and their financing issues. Here are some of the most common refinancing and mortgage related scams to watch for. House Flipping & Inflated Appraisals House flipping is a…

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Fixing Your Curb Appeal For A Quicker Sale

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In order to sell your home quickly, curb appeal matters. While other concerns, such as staging the inside and performing any needed repairs or improvements are also important, if the property lacks curb appeal, potential buyers are unlikely to stop. You have several options to make the yard and home exterior more aesthetically pleasing. Make…

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How to Max Out Your Home’s Curb Appeal

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When it comes to strangers falling in love with your house, appearances on the outside really can and do make a difference. Luckily, you don’t have to invest in pricey upgrades or fancy services to make your home look its best from the curb! A few regularly planned to-dos and DIYs can have a very…

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Things to Consider When Downsizing

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Why Downsize? There are multiple reasons why downsizing is a good option for families. One reason is to help aid in a financial situation. High mortgages, and utilities may be enough reason for a family to move into a smaller home. Empty nesters are also people who commonly downsize. They no longer need the additional…

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Your Guide to Living in Southbridge, Ga

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  Whether you’re looking for a quiet, family-oriented community like Richmond Hill or the sophistication and flair of big city life like Savannah, there are countless reasons why people choose to call the beautiful state of Georgia home! Before you can decide which area you want to live in, you’ll want to learn about the…

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Foreclosure and Short Sale Myths Exposed

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Foreclosure and short sales can happen to anyone and anywhere. In a world full of opinions, there are quite a few myths surrounding this topic. Here are some of the more common myths about foreclosure and short sales to keep both sellers and buyers better informed. Myth: Foreclosures and short sales only happen to people…

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