Real Estate Closing

How To Overcome Closing Date Delays

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The entire home buying process entails a lot of time and decision making. When it comes down to the real estate closing, it can almost seem like everything is finally in the clear. Unfortunately, as with most things, not all closings go perfectly and could have delays that might put buyers on edge. Below are…

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Closing Costs and Fees Paid by Home Sellers

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Many people associate closing costs with buyers, but sellers too are responsible for a portion of these costs. In addition to paperwork and carefully reviewed contract agreements, knowing a good estimate of your closing costs are also important for a successful closing. Outlined below are the general costs and fees sellers may pay in a…

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How To Survive a Real Estate Closing

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Often one of the most overlooked and glossed over areas of the home buying or selling process is the closing. A couple quick signatures and the exchange of keys might be the ideal situation but there are some important things to remember. The items below are things to keep in mind to have a smooth…

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