Prepping Your Home Before Vacation is Your Ticket to an Actual Vacation

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Preparing Home for VacationIn order to really enjoy a vacation away from your home, you need to be able to leave your worries behind.

By following the advice in this post, you’ll be well on your way to a vacation with less worry, knowing you’ve prepped in advance.

While the Savannah area is known for its southern charm and hospitality, you should always take precaution with your home, one of the largest investments you’ll make in your lifetime.

First Things First; Be Proactive

  • Don’t announce a countdown until your departure on social networks. Sounds like common sense, but I do see it out there. Giving a play by play of your vacation isn’t a good idea either. Wait until you get home to share pictures and places you were. In other words, don’t invite avoidable trouble to your home while your on vacation.
  • If possible, let a neighbor close to your home know that you’ll be away. Ask them if they could keep an eye on things.
  • During the holidays, let the police know the address of your home and that you’ll be away.
  • Arrange for someone to water both indoor and outdoor plants depending on the season.

Security Tip – Maintain a Lived-in Look

  • Set timers for both indoor and outdoor lights.
  • Park a car in the driveway.
  • Don’t let newspapers and mail pile up. Ask a neighbor to get them for you or stop your mail with the post office.
  • Arrange to have the grass cut.

Security Tips for the Home – A Checklist

  • Double check that all kitchen appliances are turned off.
  • Double check that all hair items and iron are unplugged.
  • Even if you have a surge protector, unplug your computer/printer/fax machine etc. These items use electricity when plugged in, even if they’re not on, so you’ll save a bit on your electric bill too!
  • Double check that all windows are closed and locked.
  • If you have a sliding glass door, place a piece of wood in the bottom track to prevent the door from being opened.
  • When you leave, make sure all doors are locked and garage door is closed.

For most, the time to actually take a vacation is limited, so enjoy it as much as possible by taking a few steps to get prepared and help prevent accidents and deter burglars.

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