Budget Friendly Ways to Personalize Your New Home

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Congratulations on your new home! Now it’s time to start making it your own! Working with a budget? Well, never underestimate the idea of budget decor on a dime. With a few budget friendly touches, updates, or changes, any room can come alive with your personality.

One of the cheapest ways to decorate a room is to incorporate items you already have into the space. All it takes is some creativity and a little thinking outside the box to accomplish this. Even when you aren’t looking for it, inspiration can be found everywhere. Try looking at such popular sites like Pinterest or Houzz for some quick ideas and simple do-it-yourself techniques.

Re-purpose Household Items

Make the ordinary, extra-ordinary. Take a look at what you already have or find repurposed pieces and change the look with easy do-it-yourself decorating techniques. If you plan on taking it further than decorating, check out these DIY home improvements that increase resale value, and these easy and affordable ways to update your home.

Try thinking outside the box. Take the traditional pieces of furniture you have and move it to an unsuspecting place like the entryway or a bathroom. Shake things up a bit.

Repurposing isn’t just for furniture anymore. What you think is old and outdated could easily be passed off as vintage. So utilize what you have. Tap into those old cookbooks and place your favorite recipes into a nice frame to give your kitchen a vintage feel. Slim down your pantry clutter by displaying the textured and colored pastas in clear containers. Try the same with colorful spices, or take a different direction and introduce a coastal look to your home!

Display What you Love Most!

Think about your family’s interests, things you all enjoy doing, or even a collection of family heirlooms. Do you travel a lot? Make your bookcase into a travel display by personalizing it with items from your trips. Use tickets or postcards in a frame, souvenirs as book ends. How about displaying Grandma’s gorgeous teacups that she passed down or other precious heirlooms that you own.

Family photos are a great way to personalize your home and you can share them in so many different ways. Hang a collection of special photos from a decorative curtain rod or take a collage approach. Get creative, there are many ways to display framed photos!

Update With Paint

Make a world of difference in any room without digging deep into your pockets by painting or adding a splashes and pops of color. What are your favorite colors? Make a point to use these throughout your house. Create an accent wall with a darker color or try updating an area using a glossy white trim. This could easily take a room or hallway to that next level.

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Personalize With Wall Art

Make your own art by framing those things that reflect your interests or individuality. Maybe it’s world maps for the traveler in you or nature prints found in a coffee table book. If you have children no doubt you have plenty of frame-able art. Find some unique old or new frames to showcase these little masterpieces.

Vinyl wall decals are very popular now. A simple, easy, and inexpensive way to uniquely decorate any space. You can choose from a selection of images or inspirational sayings that reflect your style. Not your style? Display your stored china or silver instrumentally in any room, like the bathroom to hold decorative soaps. Frame a pretty piece of fabric in an old picture frame to spice up your walls.

Whatever your style, whatever your taste, tap into your creative side and personalize your home with these budget friendly tips and suggestions. Good Luck!

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