7 Ways to Display Framed Photos: Inspiration For Your Home

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We are in the heart of the digital age where taking, editing and printing pictures is as simple as a touch of your finger. With all this convenience, many of us have hundreds of beautiful photos waiting to be displayed. Look at the variety of great ideas I found to show off your cherished memories!

Wall Collages

This type of photo layout is perfect to use if you have a variety of photos in different sizes. These look great in almost any room. They work especially well if you have a large wall that you need to cover. There a number of different combinations and shapes to design your collage in! If you are stumped or need a little help deciding how to layout the photos, you can find many different websites that have templates illustrated as a handy guide!



Photos with a Personal Touch

Another trend in photo layouts is to add a unique feature to the spread. For example place a large wooden initial of your last name in a wall collage! This could work well for a stairway wall where not a lot of décor usually gets placed. Another fun spot would be in the foyer or above a couch! If you are a quote lover, you can get quotes made into wall decals and place these in a photo layout as well. The possibilities are endless!



Large Prints and Photo Layouts

If you have many large prints or photos, it can be very visually appealing to place them close together in one small space on a wall. Mixing busy prints in with some clean and airy prints works well to balance the collection. This can look nice in a kitchen nook or even a reading area in the living room!



Corner Art Decor

A place that often goes overlooked when it comes to decorating is a corner. Creating corner photo layouts is a unique way to position photos and it uses up wasted wall space!



Family Tree (see “family tree” picture)

How about adding a family tree to your home! You can find elegant tree decals which you place on a large wall in your living room or family room. Then you simply hang photos on the tree. What an awesome display and conversation piece!


Decorative Curtain Rod Hangings

An alternative to hanging photos on the wall is to hang them from a decorative curtain rod. Attach ribbons to the back of each photo and place them on your curtain rod. This type of arrangement looks nice above tables and entryway benches!



Simple and Sweet

One of my favorite ways to show off wedding photos is to blow up 3 or 4 of your favorites and hang them side by side, right above your bed! Re-live your special wedding moments every morning and night!



  • Using newspapers or painters tape, you can create a mock layout to help you figure out exactly how you want the photos positioned before you hang them!
  • If hanging photos above a couch or chair hang them no more than 6 inches above the top of the couch to keep them at eye-level.
  • If you have a heavy photo or print make sure the wall and the hooks can handle that specific weight.



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