5 Ways To Prepare Your Home’s Landscaping For Spring

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5 Ways to Prepare Home Landscaping for Spring

While the air is still a bit chilly, it is a good time to think ahead to Spring! Winter puts a halt on yard work and plant growth but Spring brings new life and opportunities to your landscape. Home sellers looking to put their home on the market this upcoming Spring will want to use the nice weather to their advantage and spruce up their homes exterior.


Sketching out a design of how you want your Spring landscaping is a great first step to preparing your yard for the season.

What things in your yard would you like to keep? Do they accent the features of your home or do they hide them? Giving your yard color is always a plus, and hardscaping is also something to think about in terms of adding pathways or pavers. Once you have decided how you want your landscaping to look, it will give you a better idea of how to clear the land and make room for any new additions.

Clear Out The Old

During the winter months, we often have an abundance of dead vegetation, and flowers. Rake leaves, dispose of old annuals. Prune bushes and trees to make room for new growth. In some cases removing old mulch from your flower beds will be needed as well. What you are essentially doing in this step is preparing a good foundation for new and healthy growth for future plants and flowers.

Lawn Improvements

One area of yards that usually has some damage from the winter months is the lawn, especially in areas north of where we are in Savannah, Georgia. Chemicals from the salt, excess water or just the extreme temperatures can affect patches of grass. As you head towards Spring, it is good to dig up any damaged areas and prepare the ground for re-seeding. If selling your home in the Spring, you want your lawn to look the best its ever been!

Driveways and Patios

These areas can be affected by the winter. If you have pavers for your patio or walkway, check for any cracks or ones out of place. Weed in between pavers and remove any moss growth. In some cases you may need to replenish the sand used as a filler in between the pavers. The Spring is a good time to re-seal your driveway making it look clean and fresh.

Boosting curb appeal is a must for home sellers, and getting all of your exterior features in good condition is part of that process! Tip: Adding some tasteful outdoor furniture and decor is an excellent way to bring attention to patios.


If you have a garden, early Spring is the best time to weed, compost the area and prepare the soil with the right PH levels needed for the items you will be growing. This time of year is when you begin your seedlings in the home. Depending on where you live in the country, the next few months will be the time to plant any seedlings you grow into your outside garden. Farmers Almanac has a great website full of resources on when and how and to plant your seedlings.

Note to Home Sellers: Selling your home in the Spring is a great opportunity to show off your home’s full potential. Using the above tips on preparing your yard, you will be well on your way to having an attractive landscape. Other areas of your home’s exterior such as siding, and windows are additional areas to focus on to give your home the best curb appeal and impression on buyers.

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